Dr. Almudena Claassen

PhD in Social Psychology at the Université libre de Bruxelles

Postdoc at the University of Glasgow

Project in PACE lab

  • Identifying the (sub-)determinants of Covid-19 preventive behavior

Recent publications

  • E.K. Papies, M.A. Claassen, D. Rusz, M. Best (2021). Flavours of desire – Cognitive representations of appetitive stimuli and their motivational implications. Accepted.
  • M.A. Claassen, D. Rusz, E.K. Papies (2022). No evidence that consumption and reward words on labels increase the appeal of water. Food Quality and Preference, 104403.
  • B.P.I. Chang, M.A. Claassen, O. Klein (2020). The time is ripe – Thinking about the future reduces unhealthy eating in those with a higher BMI. Foods, 1391.
  • For full list: https://www.maclaassen.com/publication/